Whether you run a pizzeria, a restaurant, a coffee shop or a mobile takeaway outlet you are constantly handing out napkins to your customers, and you probably think of them as a throw-away item... Think again!

You can turn a throw-away item into a very effective and extremely economical marketing tool.

Not every napkin is assigned to the bin; people put them in their pocket or hand-bag, and sometimes they take a few to use in the car...they are even used to wipe spectacles, clean mobile phone screens and so on.

If you are handing out a hundred napkins or more each week then that's a hundred opportunities to market your business and create brand awareness: you never know where a napkin might end up or who might see it.

We have a great range of paper napkins in more than a dozen colours that can be personalised to create your very own unique napkin.

Send us your logo and our design team will work with you to produce the look you want at a budget that works for you.


To discuss options call Gianni on 020 8099 3949 or email with your enquiry.

Personalised Napkins